Changes in jupyter-core



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  • Allow creating user to delete secure file (PR #213)


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See the jupyter_core 4.7 milestone on GitHub for the full list of pull requests and issues closed.

  • Add a new JUPYTER_PREFER_ENV_PATH variable, which can be set to switch the order of the environment-level path and the user-level path in the Jupyter path hierarchy (e.g., jupyter --paths). It is considered set if it is a value that is not one of ‘no’, ‘n’, ‘off’, ‘false’, ‘0’, or ‘0.0’ (case insensitive). If you are running Jupyter in multiple virtual environments as the same user, you will likely want to set this environment variable.
  • Drop Python 2.x and 3.5 support, as they have reached end of life.
  • Add Python 3.9 builds to testing, and expand testing to cover Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.
  • jupyter --paths --debug now explains the environment variables that affect the current path list.
  • Update the file hidden check on Windows to use new Python features rather than ctypes directly.
  • Add conda environment information in jupyter troubleshoot.
  • Update _version.version_info and _version.__version__ to follow Python conventions.



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  • Changed windows secure_write path to skip all filesystem permission checks when running in insecure mode. Too many exception paths existed for mounted file systems to reliably try to set them before opting out with the insecure write pattern.


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  • Add ability to allow insecure writes with JUPYTER_ALLOW_INSECURE_WRITES environement variable (PR #182).
  • Docs typo and build fixes
  • Added python 3.7 and 3.8 builds to testing


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  • Tolerate execute bit in owner permissions when validating secure writes (PR #173).
  • Fix project name typo in copyright (PR #171).


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  • Unicode characters existing in the user’s home directory name are properly handled (PR #131).
  • mock is now only required for testing on Python 2 (PR #157).
  • Deprecation warnings relative to _runtime_dir_changed are no longer produced (PR #158).
  • The scripts directory relative to the current python environment is now appended to the search directory for subcommands (PR #162).
  • Some utility functions (exists(), is_hidden(), secure_write()) have been moved from jupyter_client and jupyter_server to jupyter_core (PR #163).
  • Fix error on Windows when setting private permissions (PR #166).



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  • jupyter --version now tries to show the version number of various other installed Jupyter packages, not just jupyter_core (PR #136). This will hopefully make it clearer that there are various packages with their own version numbers.
  • Allow a JUPYTER_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to specify a search path of additional locations for config (PR #139).
  • jupyter subcommand no longer modifies the PATH environment variable when it runs jupyter-subcommand (PR #148).
  • Jupyter’s ‘runtime’ directory no longer uses XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (PR #143). While it has some attractive properties, it has led to various problems; see the pull request for details.
  • Fix JupyterApp to respect the raise_config_file_errors traitlet (PR #149).
  • Various improvements to the bash completion scripts in this repository (PR #125, PR #126).
  • The script now always uses setuptools, like most other Jupyter projects (PR #147).
  • The LICENSE file is included in wheels (PR #133).



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  • jupyter troubleshoot gets the list of packages from the Python environment it’s in, by using sys.executable to call pip list (PR #104).
  • Added utility function ensure_dir_exists, and switched to using it over the one from ipython_genutils, which does permissions wrong (PR #113).
  • Avoid creating the ~/.ipython directory when checking if it exists for config migration (PR #118).
  • Fix mistaken description in zsh completions (PR #98).
  • Fix subcommand tests on Windows (PR #103).
  • The README now describes how to work on jupyter_core and build the docs (PR #110).
  • Fix a broken link to a release in the docs (PR #109).



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  • Add JUPYTER_NO_CONFIG environment variable for disabling all Jupyter configuration.
  • More detailed error message when failing to launch subcommands.



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  • Fix error message on Windows when subcommand not found.
  • Correctly display PATH in jupyter troubleshoot on Windows.


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  • Make jupyter directory top priority in search path for subcommands, so that jupyter-subcommand next to jupyter will always be picked if present.
  • Avoid using shell=True for subcommand dispatch on Windows.



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  • Include symlink directory and real location on subcommand PATH when jupyter is a symlink.


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  • Add module, so that python -m jupyter always works.
  • Add prototype jupyter troubleshoot command for displaying environment info.
  • Ensure directory containing jupyter executable is included when dispatching subcommands.
  • Unicode fixes for Legacy Python.



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  • fix typo preventing migration when custom.css is missing


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  • fix subcommands on Windows (yes, again)
  • fix migration when custom.js/css are not present


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  • fix subcommands on Windows (again)
  • ensure jupyter --version outputs to stdout


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  • setuptools fixes needed to run on Windows


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  • fixes for jupyter-migrate


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This is the first release of the jupyter-core package.